Joint International Symposium on TGF-β Family and Cancer Signal Network in Tumor Microenrironment

Department of
Molecular Pathology,
Graduate School of Medicine,
The University of Tokyo
Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan

  • Instruction for Chairpersons
  • Please be at the「Next Chairperson's Seat」10 minutes before your in-charged session starts.
    Chairpersons are asked to remain within the time allocated for the session and each presentation.
  • Instruction for Oral Presenter
  • Allocated time for Oral Presentation
  • Session 1 15 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion
    Session 2・3・4・5・6・7 25 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion
    Special Lecture 30 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for discussion
    • Please visit the「PC Checking Desk」30 minutes before your session stars and be at the「Next
      Presenter’s Seat」10 minutes before your presentation starts.
    • Please bring your own PC and AC adaptor for your presentation.
    • The only type of connecter available at the venue is「Mini D-sub 15pin 3」. Please provide
      your own connecter if your PC does not accept the Mini D-sub 15pin 3 type connecter.
    • Please prepare a USB flash memory for data back-up.
    • Presentation by using tablet terminator is not allowed.
    • For presenters who are not able to bring their own PC, PC (Windows only)will be prepared in the venue. Please provide your data in USB flash memory. The OS and Application for
      the data are Windows XP~7 and Power Point 2007/2010/2013.
      Please save your data under your name.
    • Please bring your own PC if your presentation includes Video (e xclusive of Power Point
      animation function).
    • Sound cannot be played.

    Instruction for Poster Presenters

      • Posters should be displayed on the assigned board during the poster set-up time.
      • Poster presenters should be ready in front of your poster panel 5 minutes before the session

    Poster preparation

      • All poster presenters will be provided with 90 cm wide and
        210 cm high boards.
      • Only English language is available.
      • Presenters should prepare a header indicate the title, name
        of all authors and their affiliations.
      • Presentation number of your poster, pins and ribbon will be
        provided at the poster session area.
    • Poster schedule
    • Poster Set-up January 12 (Monday) 08:15~08:50
      Poster Viewing1 January 12 (Monday) 10:40~11:40 (poster with odd number)
      Poster Viewing2 January 12 (Monday) 15:10~16:10 (poster with even number)
      Poster Award January 12 (Monday) 18:20~20:30
      Poster Removal January 13 (Tuesday) 15:40~16:00

【Executive Office】
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